We are located in Northern California, in Siskiyou county on the I5 corridor in Yreka 35 miles north of
Mt Shasta Ca.

Curt Carlson
1910 Ford Jones Rd
Yreka CA 96097

Project Gallery

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Blue Ledge Mine Soil Removal Project

Blue Ledge Mine Soil Removal Project:  Carlson’s Construction assisted in removing contaminated soil from slopes over 90%.  First the mountain was hand scaled above all work areas, then the Spider excavators were brought in to scrape the soil down to bed rock.  Hand crews followed to be sure that no residual was left behind.  Once the soil was moved far enough down the mountain, conventional equipment took over and disposed of the soil into a sealed repository.

Emergency Repairs to California State Highway 101

Emergency Repairs to California State Highway 101:  Carlson’s Construction was called to replace failing drain pipes and to repair a failing slope under the highway.  

Salmon River Rockslide

Carlson’s Construction came to repair a large rockslide that actually broke the road in half.  First the slide was completely hand scaled , then the debris was removed from the old roadway.  A new retaining structure was built and the roadway was put back into service.

Mt. Shasta Ski Park

The Spider Excavator was used to mow the brush on the ski slopes that were too steep for conventional equipment.